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Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink Elephant - Blue Elephant

How do you change your thoughts from bad habits and thoughts to Godly actions and His word.  Let me share what has worked for me over many years.  Here is an exercise:

First I want you to think of a Pink Elephant.  Stop reading and make sure you have this image then come back and read some more.

Now I want you to try to stop thinking about this image.  If you have a problem doing so that's OK.  Stop reading until you have done this or five seconds have passed.

Most people will not me able to stop thinking about the Pink Elephant.  So here is my suggestion.  Start to think of a Blue Elephant with Big Yellow dots.  Stop reading until you have that image.

Great now where is the Pink Elephant??  Most people will now have the new Blue Elephant in their thoughts and the Pink is long gone.  If you were able to stop thinking about the Pink Elephant you probably thought of something else.  This is a principle that the bible tells us to follow.   When the bible tells us to stop doing something, "put off",  it will tell us what to "put on".

The hardest part of this process is coming up with the Blue Elephant BEFORE you are in a situation where you are facing the Pink Elephants in your life.  Come up with some great images that are Godly, fun, or just a great distraction. If your in a conflict, compliment the persons shoes and ask them where they bought them. Now you have a Blue Elephant you can focus on and the person that you are having a conflict with is now thinking about where they purchased these shoes that they like and that you have complimented.

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  1. Henry...that is an AWESOME post! Love it! Keep up the great Kingdom work Brother!