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Friday, June 10, 2011

What have you learned by being in a StepFamily

What is your story?

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  1. It was definitely God's perfect timing when we received an email promoting the Blended Family Group. We had just been married 3 months when we stepped into our first meeting. We were a perfect fit. We were just as messy (if not more so) as the rest of the group. We were definitely not alone. With the odds stacked against us (2nd marriages have a higher divorce rate than 1st marriages), it was essential that we commit to a group that can guide us along the journey. Our group has really been an important support system for us. We've learned from each other, prayed for one another and forged friendships. It is such a blessing to find others who have walked our path and learn from them. We pray that other blended families find this group or something similar to it. We cannot have a successful marriage without the help of God and our community.